hi im charlotte and id let sebastian stan punch me in the face

throwtankstothemoon asked: Explain.

okay so basically this guy sent me a message last night apologising for being a dick like, a month ago (which i didn’t even remember but oh well) and he was drunk,a dn just started talking to me, and because i had loads of friends round, we were just messaging him, and then he like, sent all this pictures of his abs and shit, and eventually worked up to his dick

it was pretty funny

and then we were like texting and he was so drunk it was really funny, and then he was like, ‘talk to me in the morning so i don’t ruin your view of me’ or some shit, which was really funny

and then this morning he texted me like ‘shit’

so yeah

that was my exciting night

Posted: 1 year ago on Jan 5th , 2013 at 2:59 PM
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  1. throwtankstothemoon said: poor kid. Cell phones should really be confiscated when people get drunk.
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